Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Looking to satisfy my passion for photography I often do google searchs for anything photography related, and I have several books on photography (and still have the desire to buy the entire photography section at the book store! LOL).

But I am also a part of several message boards for photographers. It was on these message boards that I discovered "Trash the Dress." This is something that I think would be a lot of fun as a photographer.

I was reading an article today that I found thru google and there is a paragraph about how this came about:

"The photo trend in fact began with a yawn. Mr. Cooper, 41, said he was bored with the same old wedding photos, and so he persuaded several of his clients to pose after their weddings in grungy offbeat settings. "In fashion photography, they often put really pretty people in very ugly places," he said. "I'm applying that technique to weddings." "

Read the full article here

I thought this was really interesting. I have seen pictures where they have really torn up the dress or where the dress might only get a little dirty. Pictures from the bride and groom swimming in the ocean, to just the bride swinging in a park.

If you do a search on google images for Trash the Dress most of the pictures are really tearing the dress up, but you can find some pics on Flikr where they barely get the dress dirty. Either way you search there are thousands of images.

I think the most wild I have seen is where they set the dress on fire, while the bride is wearing it!

Trash The Dress is typically done with a bride but I think it would be neat to do this with a bridesmaid dress or even a prom dress.

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