Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2 months too long.

OK, so I had a small problem with my camera after Christmas. It wasn't anything major just my computer wouldn't recognize it. An easy problem to fix, just get a card reader. It was still taking pictures just fine.

However I decided that because I spent all that money on the extended warranty I would take it in to be fixed. That was at the beginning of January. They told me 7-14 business days. So a month without my camera. It would be hard but I would manage.

Well I just got my camera back tonight. A screw up in paperwork resulted in it having to be returned to the store then resubmitted with the correct paperwork. Then it got sent back to the store in worse condition than when I took it in!!!!

It is working now but there is a lot of damage to the body, it looks like it has been dropped a few times. Also my lens cap is missing. That may take another week to get back!!

I am relieved to have my camera back and can't wait to get out and take pictures but it is very frustrating that I had to go through all of that just to have a simple problem fixed.

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