Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Much Anticipated, Yet Gone Already.

It has been awhile since I posted last so here are a few updates.

Christmas has come and gone already.

Stacey had a blast making cookies for Santa. And we had so much cookie dough left over we froze it and will be making cookies for a long time to come!

I didn't get to wrap presents until Christmas Eve, yet I wasn't up as late as I thought I would be.

Stacey and Brandon both got a ton of toys, now the fun part is finding a place to keep them all! :)

I got some gift cards to go towards my new camera! Woo-Hoo! Hopefully I'll be able to get it by the end of 2008!

I got some great pics but I can't get them on my computer. I am going to have to take my camera to be fixed. For some reason I can take pics with no problems, but my computer won't recognize it, neither will my Dad's. Thank goodness I have a few extra memory cards and thank goodness I purchased the extra warranty!

Yes I am now another year older. For my birthday we had planned to go to the Festival of Lights. By the time Nick got home from work he was exausted, and I didn't really feel up to chasing the kids all over the zoo. So my day was spent doing laundry and discovering my camera wasn't working.

There is always next year.

New Years was quiet. I made Spinach Cheese Manicotti with a lot of changes to the recipe, and a lot of help from my Mom. Then Mom, Dad, Stacey and I watched Shrek, 2 and 3. The last movie finished with 1/2 an hour till midnight, just in time to get our drinks and watch the ball drop.

I'll be posting new pics as soon as I get my camera back, but until then I'll be going through the archives, I have enough pics to post for quite awhile!

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