Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Update for being MIA - and will continue to be MIA.

For a little while anyway.

I ended up making my first trip to L&D, my BP has been elevated and there were trace amounts of protein. So I have been put on complete bedrest. My due date was Monday. I was really hoping that I would be talking induction, because of all of this and her size I'm so done being pregnant!

They will not induce until I'm 42 weeks. She was 8lbs 9oz according to the ultrasound I had 2 weeks ago. I thought Brandon was big at 9lbs 6oz - looks like this one is going to be much bigger.

I have to go for a NST twice a week and I might be able to sched the induction at my next appt.

I'm still not dilating or anything so I've pretty much given up the hope of going on my own. She is going to be as stubborn as her sister! LOL

Looking at my calendar 2 weeks from today is the release party for Capture Cincinnati. Looks like I might not be able to make it.

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